Drill brush kit with polishing sponge attachment will be shipped to the United States soon

Update Time:2023-09-19

In the past months, many American customers have asked us about our drill brush series and car detailing brush series. It can be seen that car maintenance tools are still very attractive to people. In fact, in addition to being used for home cleaning, our drill brush products can also be used to clean cars. The wide range of usage scenarios makes this product one of our company's best-selling products.

Not only that, we also support custom selection of accessories in the set. The special sanding pad allows you to easily replace Scouring Pads, Polishing Pads and other parts on the electric drill, helping you restore the car's surface to its factory glory after washing the car.

Stiffness of bristles in different color

The customer chose to use white brush filaments when customizing the product. This brush filament is the softest among all drill brush filaments and is very useful for cleaning complex and easily damaged surfaces. Of course, if you want to customize the drill brush, you can choose regular PP bristle. Bristle of medium hardness has a wider range of uses.

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