Road sweeper brushes production has been completed and will be shipped to Kuwait

Update Time:2023-08-10

A customer who has ordered road sweeper brushes from our company for many times recently placed a big order with us. The product selected this time is the sweeper main broom suitable for Dulevo sweepers. Because we already have rich experience in the field of producing road sweeper brushes, mass production starts soon after confirming the technical details with the customer.

Street Sweeper Tube Brooms

The road sweeper main brush is located in the center of the road sweeper, so it is also called the central brush. Its main function is to sweep the garbage into the garbage bin in the car, so it has high requirements on the wear resistance and toughness of the bristle. The high-quality wear-resistant PP bristle independently developed and produced by Zhenda Brush is very suitable for this tube broom. And our customers affirmed the actual use effect after receiving the product.

Of course, as a professional brush manufacturer, we can also produce other types of replacement brooms, such as side brushes. If you need a road sweeper brush that can be supplied stably, you are welcome to contact us at any time to customize a road sweeper broom suits your needs.

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