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About Solar Panel Cleaning Brush Model X3

Using solar panels to generate electricity can effectively reduce electricity costs and be more environmentally friendly, which is why more and more people choose solar systems as one of their electricity sources. People maintain their cars every once in a while for a better driving experience and longer mileage. Correspondingly, maintenance work may be more important for solar panels - all kinds of dirt such as mud, sewage and bird droppings may cause irreversible damage to the panels, because they may carry unknown chemical components. I suggest that you use the professional solar panel cleaning equipment produced by Zhenda Brush Industry to clean the panels regularly.

How can solar panel cleaning be done in an easier way?

It is highly recommended that you use our solar panel brush products for cleaning, they will bring you many unexpected benefits. Be aware that hiring specialists to carry out maintenance work can be quite costly and time consuming. And our product was designed with single-person use in mind, so everyone can efficiently clean the panel with the help of this tool.

Why Zhenda brush industry is the best solar panel brush supplier?

Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd. is a chinese high-tech enterprise. Over the years, it has accumulated sufficient experience in the field of brush research and development and production and has continuously achieved innovative breakthroughs. Photovoltaic panel cleaning brush is one of our latest products, and it is also an important step on our road of cleaning brush specialization. Your support will become our driving force!

Which version of solar panel brush should I choose?

The three versions of Model X3 correspond to three power supply methods, and you can choose according to your needs:
X31(The Standard Version) - There are adaptors that can be connected to socket, the most economical option.
Solar Brush X4 Standard Version Items
X32(The Lithium Battery Version) - Powered by a portable lithium battery pack, suitable for mobile cleaning.
Solar Brush X4 Lithium Battery Version Items
X33(Dual Power Supply Version) - Contains all the accessories of the above two versions, and the power supply method can be selected according to the condition, which is the most convenient.
Solar Brush X4 Lithium Battery Version Items
Product Advantages

Low Weight: When you use this product, you can clearly feel the convenience brought by the lightweight design. We have continuously upgraded and improved the product after summarizing the opinions and suggestions of many users, thus completing the design of this single-head solar panel cleaning brush. The small package size is convenient for placement, and the well-designed structure is convenient for assembly. This electric cleaning brush will make your cleaning process easy and enjoyable, and you will be hardly bothered by the noise of the machine. This is something no other heavy-duty panel cleaning equipment can do.

Low Fault Rate: The improved product provides more stable protection for the external structure, and important components such as motors, wires, and water pipes are all wrapped by hard shells. Therefore, its dustproof and waterproof properties have been enhanced, and it can also effectively avoid damage to the product from dust, sewage, collisions, etc. This product also uses a high-quality brushless motor to replace the traditional brushed motor, the service life and rotation power have been significantly enhanced, even if it is used for a long time, it will not generate heat.

Low Water Consumption: Compared with other similar products on the market, our electric solar panel cleaning brush uses less water to achieve the same cleaning effect. This is because we chose a three-hole jet outlet when designing the product. In fact, this product can also be used to efficiently clean panels in areas where domestic water is scarce, as it supports dry cleaning.

Low Cost: The price of this product is lower than that of the double brush head version, and it still performs very well when cleaning photovoltaic panels with a small area. The power generation efficiency of the panel will be significantly improved after cleaning, which will directly reduce your electricity cost. In general, using this product can effectively reduce your additional expenditure on solar energy systems. We recommend that you add this product to your wishlist now and start saving money today!

Looking forward to your consultation, you can send us your ideas by email or filling out the form below at any time. We also have a lot of options available for related customization items, I believe our products will satisfy you!

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