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Based on the principle of quality first and people-oriented, Zhenda brush industry has been adopting international standards in enterprise management since its inception. Over the years, we have insisted on strictly implementing system standards and continuously improving our core competitiveness. Since 2015, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system review and obtained ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO45001 Occupational Health and safety management system certification. This is a major breakthrough of Zhenda brush industry in the international standard management system, which makes us qualified to produce high-quality products and provide perfect services for customers.

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On the road of growing into an excellent brush-making enterprise, output is the foundation and quality is the key. For this reason, while continuously introducing new production lines and equipment to increase the daily output, Zhenda Brush Industry is also continuously increasing investment in the field of material research and development. Through cooperation with many well-known domestic universities and inspection and testing institutions, the company has established an outstanding scientific research team. Based on the research on the physical and chemical properties of raw materials, we have explored the production and preparation processes of a series of new and sophisticated materials, so that the products can have various excellent properties, such as high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance and high combustion resistance. Over the years, we have obtained a series of patents with independent intellectual property rights, and also undertaken a number of national, provincial key scientific research projects, and achieved phased results.

Efficient production capacity, creative new product development and design capabilities not only lay a solid industrial foundation for Zhenda brush industry, but also provide a guarantee for the company's sustainable development.

Factory/Production Lines/Packaging Overview

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