Classic Cow Brush

Classic Cow Brush

Brand Zhenda
Type Cow Brush
Application Cow Body Cleaning And Scratching
Manufacturer Anhui Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin Yuantan, Anhui
Material PP/Nylon/Customized
Color  Blue/Yellow/Customized
Quality Test Qualifed
Product Description

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About Classic Cow Brush

If you're raising cows or other large domestic animals, you've probably discovered that these animals love to scratch. There are two main purposes for them to do this, one is to clean up the dirt attached to the fur, and the other is to get rid of the discomfort caused by insect bites. But this behavior of cows can create safety hazards: sharp areas on walls or fences can cut their fur, causing serious injuries such as bleeding; the cows'own large force may also damage structurally fragile barns or cowsheds . It's time to improve the life of your livestock with the classic cattle body brush from Zhenda Brush Industry.

Benefits of the Classic Cow Body Brush
Properly designed, this classic cow body brush from Zhenda Brush is a great tool for pleasing large livestock like dairy cows. Its basic scratching function is a favorite of cows to get them through boring and stressful times. In addition, the thick and moderately soft and hard brush filaments have a strong cleaning ability, which can effectively remove pests and dirt attached to the fur of cows, so that they can avoid the infestation of diseases. For livestock farmers, simply ensuring the survival of their livestock is not enough. Healthy and long-lived livestock can provide higher production, and our cattle body brushes can play an active role in the process of livestock growth.

Key Features
1. Powered by high-quality brushless motor. Compared with brushed motors, it is not easy to generate heat or jam, and has a longer service life.
2. The height of the brush can be adjusted by a steel bracket. Calves need brushes that are closer to the ground, taller brushes are suitable for older cows. You can freely adjust according to the actual situation.
3. Intelligent switch control. The sensing switch built into the product will activate when the cow touches the brush, and it will automatically turn off after the cow leaves for a period of time. Save manpower and power resources.
4. The swing range of the brush is wider. Compared with the traditional column type cow brush, this product can clean more hard-to-touch areas of a cow such as the back and tail, further improving the comfort of the cow.

Zhenda brush industry is a good place for you to buy cattle body brushes
Zhenda Brush Industry has rich experience in the field of brush making. More than one hundred professional production lines and related equipment are the proof of our company's strength. Our latest cattle body brush series products fully consider different environmental conditions, you can always find the most suitable products among them. In addition, we also support a large number of customizable projects. You are welcome to tell us your ideas and opinions, and our business managers will provide you with the best solution as soon as possible after receiving the message.

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