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What you should know when choosing road sweeper brushes

As accessories that need to be in contact with the ground for a long time, the side brushes and main brushes of the road sweeper are in a state of wear for a long time every day. Its cleaning effect will gradually decrease due to the wear and tear of the bristles, and when it is difficult to meet the standard, they need to be replaced with new ones.

Zhenda Brush Journey In ISSA PULIRE 2023 Completed Successfully

The 2023 ISSA PULIRE Cleaning Exhibition was successfully held at the Fiera Milano, Italy as scheduled. The exhibition is held every two years and is organized by ISSA and Afidamp. As a well-known cleaning industry exhibition in Europe, ISSA PULIRE showcased a series of professional cleaning tools and related products for indoor and outdoor spaces and sanitation.

Why Should You Install Cow Brush In The Dairy Farm?

Breeding large livestock such as cattle, horses, and sheep requires consideration of many aspects. Here we take dairy cows as an example. First, to ensure that they grow well, you need to provide them with food. Also, confining cows in confined spaces for long periods of time deprives them of exercise, which is bad for their health. So you need a field for grazing as their activity area.

Everything You Should Know About Wafer Brushes/Replacement Brooms

Most municipal departments and professional cleaning companies choose to use professional cleaning equipment such as road sweepers to regularly maintain the roads. The most eye-catching thing about this kind of road cleaning tool is the Angle Broom Attachment in front, which looks like a big cylinder. In fact, it is the combination of multiple Wafer Brushes, which can sweep away snow, dust, etc., and create a clean path.

Best Car Detailing Brush Kits For 2023, Made By Trusted Manufacturer

People spend a considerable part of their time in cars every day, especially those commuters who live in traffic-congested areas. Eating or drinking in the car is unavoidable, and dirt builds up over time. Every car owner should prepare a set of professional tools to deal with this situation.

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