A Comprehensive Guide on Wafer Brushes

Update Time:2023-10-09

Introduction of Wafer Brush

A wafer brush for a road sweeper is a specialized type of brush specifically designed for sweeping and cleaning road surfaces.

The wafer brush used in road sweepers typically consists of a circular or cylindrical base made of durable materials such as polypropylene or steel. The base is embedded with rows of bristles that are arranged in a radial pattern or in concentric rings. The bristles are usually made of stiff synthetic materials, steel wire, or the combination of both.

The purpose of the wafer brush is to effectively sweep and collect various types of debris, including dirt, leaves, stones, and litter, from the road surface. The stiff bristles are designed to agitate and dislodge debris, while the circular or cylindrical shape of the brush allows for efficient coverage of the road width.

Road sweeper wafer brushes are typically attached to the sweeping mechanism of the road sweeper vehicle, such as rotating brushes located on the underside or at the front of the machine. As the sweeper moves forward, the wafer brushes rotate and make contact with the road surface, sweeping the debris into a collection hopper or onto a conveyor system for disposal.

Types of Wafer Brushes

1.Polypropylene Wafer Brushes
These brushes are made of polypropylene bristles, which are durable and resistant to wear. Polypropylene wafer brushes are suitable for general road sweeping applications and are effective in sweeping dirt, dust, leaves, and small litter.

2.Steel Wire Wafer Brushes
Steel wire wafer brushes are more robust and designed for heavy-duty sweeping tasks. They are made of steel wire bristles, which are durable and can effectively sweep larger debris, stones, gravel, and industrial waste from road surfaces.

3.Mixed PP/Wire Wafer Brushes
Mixed bristle wafer brushes combine different types of bristles to enhance sweeping performance. For example, a mixed bristle brush may have a combination of polypropylene bristles for regular sweeping and steel wire bristles for tougher debris. These brushes offer versatility and can handle a wider range of sweeping tasks.

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