Cow Brushes Buying Guide Part II - How To Choose Cow Scratcher?

Update Time:2023-09-04

In order to provide a better living environment for cows and promote their healthy growth, more and more dairy farm managers have begun to purchase professional equipment such as Cow Brush. Zhenda Brush has also stepped up research and development of this type of product this year and launched a series of cow body brush products. In the previous article, we introduced the main features of three of these products. Through today's article, you can continue to learn more about other models of cow brushes. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Useful Music Playing Function - Exquisite Cow Brush

Exquisite Cow Brush Produced by Zhenda Brush

As the flagship product in the Zhenda Brush cow brush series, the exquisite cow brush not only uses an aluminum alloy bracket to reduce the weight of the product, but also adds a music playback function. This means that the brush not only solves the scratching needs of the cows, but also relaxes the cows. The total product weight is less than 30KG, making it easy to transport and install.
Product Highlights:
Aluminum alloy structure, light weight, stable structure
Brushless motor drive, intelligent protection system to prevent accidental jamming, long service life
The music playback function can relax cows and increase milk production by improving the endocrine system of cows.

Retractable Stand - Standard Cow Brush

Standard Cow Brush Produced by Zhenda Brush

Many of our customers rave about the retractable stand design of this product, which is why the standard cow brush is so popular with consumers. If you need something durable and easy to adjust the length of the holder, the standard cow brush will meet your needs.
Product Highlights:
The length of the suspension bracket is adjustable, making it easy to install and use in different scenarios.
Rated voltage 110~220V, in line with electricity standards of different countries
The motor will rotate in the opposite direction after each use to avoid bending the bristles in the same direction for a long time.

Efficient Massage and Cleansing - Classic Double Head Brush

Classic Double Head Cow Brush Produced by Zhenda Brush

Based on the classic cow brush, this product adds an additional brush head. Thanks to the sturdy steel bracket and ingenious motor-driven structure, the two brush heads can perfectly clean and massage different parts of the cow's body without affecting each other. We are excited to have this product meet your dairy cattle brushing needs.
Product Highlights:
The cow's body can be cleaned and massaged from two directions at the same time
The structure is stable and easy to install. The height of the brush is adjustable to adapt to the height of cows of different ages.
The smart switch starts the motor when a cow starts using the brush, and automatically turns it off after the cow leaves, protecting the motor and saving power.

Anhui Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd. always insists on putting user experience first, and helps customers create more profits through high-quality products and competitive prices. Some customizable options will be available when you order larger quantities, you are welcome to contact us through the contact us page of the website or email for more details.

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