Orders for wafer brushes produced for Asian customers have been completed

Update Time:2023-12-22

After a period of continuous production, the convoluted steel ring PP filament wafer brush required by one of our Asian customers has been produced. Factory employees will have these products packed and ready for shipment as quickly as possible.

Wafer Brushes in the Zhenda Brush factory

The main reason the customer placed this order was to prepare for severe weather. During the heavy snow season, heavy snow accumulation may occur on the road surface, affecting traffic. Using a specialized snow sweeper and an angle broom part composed of multiple wafer brushes, the snow on the road can be swept to both sides regularly to avoid traffic congestion and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Therefore, the customer chose brush filaments made of PP. The brush filaments used in our wafer brush products are independently developed and produced, with excellent cleaning ability and longer service life.

As a custom-made product, the final price of the product will vary based on product parameters and materials. If you want to get a free quote of Wafer Brush, it is recommended that you indicate in your message the size and material of the product you need to customize so that we can provide you with a more accurate price.

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