The car detailing brush set customized by Polish customers has been packaged

Update Time:2024-04-29

This order for the car wash brush kit comes from a Polish customer who is working with us for the first time. This customer runs his own online store. The customer was very interested in the cooperation plan after seeing our product information a month ago, inquired about quotations for some products and requested samples. After receiving the sample, the customer stated that the quality met the requirements and placed an order with us.

After receiving the order, we immediately started mass production and printed the logo on the designated location according to the customer's requirements, making it a customized brand product for the customer and bringing brand effect to the customer. All the products in the detail brush set have been produced and packed in cartons, and will be shipped by sea to the customer's designated receiving point.

Packaged Detailing Brush Kit

Our goal is to provide users with convenient and affordable solutions so that customers can earn more profits and enhance brand value. Currently, more and more customers know about Zhenda and become partners with us. If you are looking for reliable detailing brush supplier, please feel free to contact us.

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