The Road Sweeper Replacement Broom ordered by a German customer has been produced

Update Time:2023-11-29

Today we completed the production of a large order. 50 pieces of Sweeper Tube Broom have been produced and ready for packaging.

Tube Brushes For Road Sweeper Produced by Zhenda Brush

We use internationally advanced equipment and production lines to manufacture Tube Broom, and use brush filaments with better wear resistance according to customer requirements. We will also conduct detailed testing and inspection on the products before they leave the factory, so that users can receive products of excellent quality.

The main function of this product is to cooperate with the rotating shaft in the center of the road sweeper to achieve high-speed rotation. The force of the bristles wire will sweep the garbage on the road into the garbage chamber. After a period of work, the bristles will become shorter due to wear, which means that you need to replace the sweeper with a new Sweeper Tube Broom.

Buying a large quantity of Road Sweeper Broom Parts in one go from us is a very cost-effective investment and can save a lot of budget. If you would like to receive a free quote, please fill out the form on the product page or send us an email.

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