What you should know when choosing road sweeper brushes

Update Time:2023-06-02

When cleaning urban roads, road sweepers are absolutely indispensable and important tools. They can sweep the dust on the road and collect the garbage while moving, effectively keeping the road clean and tidy.

Compared with sanitation workers, road sweepers can work longer hours a day, and their cleaning ability is more stable. At present, municipal departments and professional cleaning companies in many countries are using this equipment and have achieved good results.

The road sweeper mainly consists of two parts, the car and the broom. The main function of the car is to move steadily on the road according to the planned route, and the garbage bin inside the car body is responsible for storing the garbage for further processing. The broom part is usually composed of side brushes located on both sides of the vehicle and the main brush in the center of the vehicle. Their job is to collect the garbage scattered on the road to the front of the vehicle.

Side Brushes Produced By Zhenda Brush

As accessories that need to be in contact with the ground for a long time, the side brushes and main brushes of the road sweeper are in a state of wear for a long time every day. Its cleaning effect will gradually decrease due to the wear and tear of the bristles, and when it is difficult to meet the standard, they need to be replaced with new ones. Purchasing spare road sweeper brushes is a fixed investment, and choosing cost-effective products can reduce expenses. At present, more and more users choose to order road sweeper brushes in bulk from Zhenda Brush, because our products have multiple advantages.

Zhenda Brush has more than ten years of experience in this field and is able to continuously provide quality and reliable products. We have continuously introduced new professional equipment and production lines over the years, which has greatly increased the output. This allows us to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time and make timely shipments.

We have also set up a professional R&D team to continuously upgrade and improve the raw materials of brush filaments to make the brushes perform better on the road. At present, our latest products can not only adapt to various types of road surfaces, but also have better wear resistance and longer service life.

Central Brushes Produced By Zhenda Brush

The road sweeper brush provided by Zhenda Brush is also very competitive in price, which can help you control your budget. It is recommended that you order more quantity at one time, so that we can provide you with better quotes.

We look forward to long-term cooperation with you, and believe that our products can provide effective help for your road cleaning work. If you have any questions about product parameters or want to consult more details, please feel free to contact us. You can directly click the button on the right side of the page to fill in the form or send an email to marketing@zhendabrush.com, our sales staff will reply in time after receiving the inquiry, thank you for your trust!

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