Why Should You Install Cow Brush In The Dairy Farm?

Update Time:2023-05-15

Breeding large livestock such as cattle, horses, and sheep requires consideration of many aspects. Here we take dairy cows as an example. First, to ensure that they grow well, you need to provide them with food. Also, confining cows in confined spaces for long periods of time deprives them of exercise, which is bad for their health. So you need a field for grazing as their activity area. These two points are the most basic knowledge for large-scale livestock farming. But what many people don't know is that an animal's mood is also important for healthy growth and production. This article will tell you how installing cow scratching machines on a dairy farm can keep the cows in a good mood.

Why should you install cow brush in the dairy farm

If you've ever watched cows in their spare time, you've probably noticed that there's one thing they like to do when they're not eating—scratching. Because there are many parasites on the skin of cows, and the shedding hair and skin debris can also make them itchy. A Cattle Brush made specifically for pleasing cows is what you need if you don't want their skin to bleed from scratching the walls.
Zhenda Brush has absorbed the experience of mainstream products and added some mature design concepts when designing this series of products. Each model can help dairy cows maintain a happy mood, so as to achieve the goal of increasing dairy production.
The traditional vertical cow brush is the most common, and its advantage is that it occupies a small area and is easy to install. Once you've found the right area on your dairy farm and installed it, it's ready to go. After the cows have finished eating, they will walk to the brush by themselves and start scratching with the tool. If you want to use it more efficiently, you can choose the version driven by electric motor.
Several other Automatic Cow Brushes usually need to be installed on the wall or other places with appropriate heights. The advantage is that they are more efficient and can clean the cattle's body in all directions. We creatively integrated a music playback system into the device so that the cows can enjoy the comfort of the brush while listening to soft music. Studies have shown that the right music has a positive effect on the endocrine of dairy cows and can increase production.
More and more dairy farmers are using cow brushes with excellent results. The EasySwing Cow Brush made and supplied by Zhenda Brush is a product you should not miss! Welcome to contact us, you can consult product quotations or other information you want to know at any time.

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