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About Drill Brush Kit

High-quality drill brushes have always been one of the core products of the Zhenda Brush Industry. For many years, we have been producing drill brush sets with excellent cleaning performance for users in demand around the world. The design of this series of products has been rigorously tested in the factory and proved its excellent cleaning function. What's more, these products contain hex metal shaft, which can be combined with electric drills directly or through extension rods. Use the brushes powered by electric drill to save your physical effort while getting better cleaning results, ideal for scrubbing interior and exterior surfaces in homes, cars, and more.
The drill brush series designed by Zhenda Brush Industry has been designed from the beginning to be combined with electric drills or other machines that can provide rotating power to achieve perfect cleaning results. For this reason, we have hired professional designers and workers to ensure the high quality standards of the products . If you are a dealer or a buyer, our customized packaging will definitely meet your brand promotion needs. You can also customize the type of filaments to clean different types of surfaces. We will do our best to meet your customized needs and produce your particular electric drill brush kit.

Product Features

1. A variety of brush filaments with different physical properties are available, which can effectively clean various surfaces and avoid scratches.
2. A variety of brush bodies including ball brushes, flat brushes, and edge brushes (cone brushes can be customized) can clean surfaces of different shapes, such as planes, depressions, and wall corners.
3. When used with tools such as electric drills, it can produce a powerful high-speed rotational effect and better clean up stubborn residual pollutants.
4. Use the detachable extension pole to get deep into the hub gap, grille and other narrow spaces for deep cleaning in an unprecedented way.
5. Special PP base, integrated design combined with mirror nickel plated SH2 connecting rod, not easy to fall off or rust.
6. If you want to wholesale products from our factory and put them on your own shelves for retail, you can also customize product packaging and logo. Welcome to discuss the details with our sales manager.
7. Strict factory testing ensures that all products meet quality standards and have a long service life.
Product Sizes

Product Specification

1. Flat brush base regular size - 2/4/5 inches

2. Regular size of edge brush outer diameter - 6 inches

3. Regular size of ball brush outer diameter - 1.7/2.5/3.5 inches

4. Filament color and diameter - white(super soft, 0.2mm)/yellow, pink, red, green, blue(medium, from 0.35mm to 0.4mm)/black(hard, 0.5mm)

5. Hex matel shaft diameter - 1/4 inch

6. Length of extension rod - Standard 150mm/Flexible 300mm (length can be customized)

Zhenda brush industry is a large-scale factory specializing in the production of civil brushes, industrial brushes and sanitation brushes. We have decades of experience in brush design and production. Our single-day production capacity is in the forefront of the same industry in China and can meet the order needs of any user. If you have a large quantity of brush purchases or wholesale needs, please feel free to contact our sales manager. We will not let you down!
Notice: The electric drill included in the product picture is only for effect presentation, our product does not include electric drill, thank you for your understanding and support.

Business Email: marketing@zhendabrush.com

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