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A US car accessories retailer with whom we have done business several times recently approached us about a special style of car tire brush and car wheel brush. As a professional manufacturer of brush products, these products are within our scope of supply. The customer placed a large order with us after getting a positive reply.

Different from ordinary car tire brushes, the brush ordered by the customer this time has a splicing design at the grip, which is more ergonomic. The protruding texture on both sides of the handle can effectively prevent slipping, and the part in contact with the fingers is made of PVC rubber, which is comfortable to hold. The brush filaments are thick and tough.
When customizing the car wheel brushes, the customer chose a shorter black handle and soft black filaments. We have carried out production according to the requirements of customers, and the customers expressed their approval on the appearance and quality of the products after receiving the samples.
The field of car washing is still a huge and potential market, and the car washing brush products we provide are competitive in price and reliable in quality. You are welcome to contact us with any interested products at any time, we will provide you with useful advice and assistance.

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