Everything You Should Know About Wafer Brushes/Replacement Brooms

Update Time:2023-05-12

Whether it is for cities or villages, road cleaning is important. If the roads are not cleaned effectively for a period of time, leaves, dust, debris can quickly accumulate. This will not only negatively affect the appearance of the road, but also cause a series of traffic problems. Especially in snowy days, the thick snow will be a nightmare for all drivers and pedestrians.

Therefore, most municipal departments and professional cleaning companies choose to use professional cleaning equipment such as road sweepers to regularly maintain the roads. The most eye-catching thing about this kind of road cleaning tool is the Angle Broom Attachment in front, which looks like a big cylinder. In fact, it is the combination of multiple Wafer Brushes, which can sweep away snow, dust, etc., and create a clean path.

It should be noted that these Ring Brushes will wear out due to long-term friction with hard surfaces, and if they are not replaced in time, the cleaning effect will be affected.

When purchasing replacements, products with better value for money can help save your budget. Wafer Brushes by Zhenda Brush are ideal if you're in charge of that. The aspects below should be factored into your consideration before deciding to make a purchase.

Different Wafer Brushes Manufactured By Zhenda Brush

The first is the order quantity, you can decide how many pieces to buy in one order according to the consumption quantity and time of Wafer Brushes. Usually, buying directly from the manufacturer needs to meet the MOQ of the product. Compared with other suppliers, our MOQ is lower and can meet the needs of more customers.

Second, you need to provide accurate product specifications when wholesale Wafer Brushes. We can stably supply a variety of regular sizes of Flat Wafers and Convoluted Wafers, and also support customized services. If you need us to help you make Wafer Brushes of a specific size, you need to provide specifications such as Core Ring Diameter, Pin Quantity, Pin Diameter, Bristle Diameter, etc., and we will arrange production as soon as possible after confirmation.

In addition, you need to choose the material of Bristle according to the use scene. Polypropylene and Steel Wire are available options. Filament of Poly Wafers is characterized by lighter weight, lower cost and good service life. However, Steel Wire has a strong cleaning effect on stubborn stains attached to the ground, and it is recommended to use it on a sufficiently strong road surface. You can also choose a mixed material bristle for a balanced cleaning performance.

The shape of the brush is determined by the Core Ring, which is divided into Flat shape and Convoluted shape. The material of Core Ring also has two options of PP and Steel. It should be noted that PP Core Ring can only be used to fix PP filaments and mixed filaments.
Have you learned enough information about what to look out for when looking for a Wafer Brushes supplier? If you have any questions or want to get quotes, welcome to contact us through the contact information on the website or directly send an email to marketing@zhendabrush.com. Anhui Zhenda Brush Industry Co., Ltd. will serve you wholeheartedly.

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