One of our repeat customers customized and wholesaled car wash brush kits

Update Time:2023-12-01

Many of our customers have their own stores on well-known online shopping websites and choose us as their supplier. We are very experienced in producing car wash brush sets and keep update our products according to market trends.

This time our customer hopes to customize a new car wash brush set product to gain more new customers. We recommended 27 Pcs car detailing kits, and the customer was very satisfied after receiving the samples and immediately placed an order for wholesale 800 sets of products.

The main highlight of this set is the tire cleaning stone hook included in the wheel cleaning kit. Compared with the original wheel cleaning kit, in addition to using 3 different sizes of drill brushes to clean stains on the wheel hub and tire surface, you can also use the tire stone hook to easily remove stones or other small things in the tire gaps.

Clean Stores In The Tire With Tire Stone Hook

In addition, this detail brush set still retains the paint polishing pad set, car interior space washing and cleaning set, and car surface scrubbing set, which are all popular products among consumers.

If you also want to develop your own market on the online shopping platform, please contact us to customize your own brush products to increase your brand awareness.

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