The big oder of Convoluted Poly Wafer Broom With Steel Ring has been produced

Update Time:2023-11-23

Wafer Broom is an important part for snow sweepers and road sweepers. As a wearing part, the brush filaments of the Wafer Broom will become shorter due to wear and tear after being used for a period of time, resulting in a reduction in the cleaning effect. Road sweeper maintenance personnel need to replace Wafer Brooms every once in a while so that the machine can maintain optimal efficiency.

There are several well-known brands of snow sweepers and road sweepers around the world, and each brand produces multiple models of machines that use different sizes and materials of wafer brooms. You need to provide these parameters when customizing products so that we can manufacture Poly Wafers or Wire Wafers for you that can perfectly match your machine. Of course, you can also choose Poly/Wire mixed bristles when customizing the Wafer Brush. This time our customer chose Convoluted Steel Ring and Poly Bristles, which is a very popular combination at the moment.

The wafer brooms are ready to be shipped

We welcome Wafer Brush buyers from all over the world to contact us. We are proud to supply you with high quality, affordable products and are confident they will satisfy you. Please provide specific parameter information when getting a free quote for customized wafer brush so that we can provide you with the most accurate quote.

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