The drilling brush set ordered by our European customer has been fully packaged

Update Time:2023-12-29

Our company's drill brush set has gained high popularity in overseas markets, and many distributors and store owners from different countries have chosen us as their supplier. Over the years, we have continuously conducted research and development to upgrade our existing products and have developed many new products in the field of drill brushes, which have been recognized by our customers.

Drill Brushes Produced by Zhenda Brush

This European customer has chosen a combination set of two drill brushes with an extension rod. The two drilling brushes each use white bristles and yellow bristles - the white bristles are softer in texture, which can avoid scratching the surface of objects while cleaning; the yellow bristles are the most commonly used bristles with a wide range of applications. The extension rod helps users reach difficult-to-access areas for deep cleaning. Such a set is very practical and is a popular product on many online shopping websites.

Extension Rod in the Drill Brush Kit

In addition to the drill brush kits, Zhenda Brush has multiple professional production lines that can produce street sweeper brushes, industrial brushes, and other products. If you are looking for a brush manufacturer or want to source brushes at a reasonable price, please feel free to contact us.

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