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Introduction of Side Brooms

side broom for a road sweeper is a component used in street sweepers or road sweeping machines. It is typically a disc-shaped brush that is attached to the side of the sweeper vehicle. The side broom extends horizontally from the vehicle and rotates at high speeds to sweep debris, dirt, dust, leaves, gravel, and other loose materials from the edges of roads, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.


The side broom works in conjunction with the main broom and suction system of the road sweeper. While the main broom captures debris in the center of the sweeping path, the side broom is responsible for collecting dirt along the edges and pushing it towards the center where it can be picked up by the suction or vacuum system.

Side brooms are usually made with durable bristles or brushes that can withstand the abrasion and wear associated with sweeping road surfaces. They are designed to effectively sweep debris from various surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, and uneven road edges.

4 Vital Roles of Side Brooms

Here are some key points about the role of the side broom in a road sweeper:

1. Sweeping the road edges
The side broom extends beyond the width of the sweeper and sweeps the debris accumulated along the curbs, sidewalks, and other edges of the road. It effectively collects dirt, leaves, litter, and other loose materials present at the sides.

2. Directing debris towards the center
The side broom rotates at high speed, creating a sweeping action that pushes the debris towards the center of the sweeper. This allows the main broom or suction system of the sweeper to collect the debris efficiently.

3. Adjustability and control
The side broom can often be adjusted to different angles and heights to accommodate various road conditions and sweeping requirements. This flexibility helps ensure effective sweeping and prevents damage to the broom or road surfaces.

4. Complementing the main sweeping mechanism
While the main broom or suction system of the sweeper primarily focuses on cleaning the center of the road, the side broom extends the sweeping width and helps cover a larger area. It enhances the overall sweeping efficiency and ensures thorough cleaning of the road surface.

In summary, the side broom plays a vital role in a road sweeper by sweeping and directing debris from the sides of the road towards the center for collection. It enhances the sweeping efficiency and helps maintain clean and debris-free road surfaces.

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