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Update Time:2023-04-24

Last week, our company sent many representatives to participate in the Canton Fair, met many partners and reached a considerable number of orders. At the booth, representatives of many domestic companies and foreign buyers showed great interest in our drill brush set series, and expressed their desire for wholesale and customization. In this article, I am going to give a detailed introduction of this high quality drill brush set produced by Zhenda Brush Co., Ltd. in order to explain why this product is so popular and why we are a reliable supplier of drill brush series products.

Zhenda Brush Industry In The 133rd Canton Fair

In fact, drill brushes are not a new product that has only become popular in recent years. This series of products has many years of history and a mature supporting system. This product is primarily used in combination with a power drill (also known as a cordless drill) to turn an ordinary upholstery tool into a power scrubber.

For most people, menial household tasks often cause serious distress. One of the distinguishing features of stains that have accumulated over a long period of time is that they are difficult to remove completely. Using a brush by hand to remove stains through repeated rubbing would be depressing, and this drill brush kit from Zhenda Brush Industry will give your interior cleaning plan a great start. With the help of the power scrubber with electric drill and drill brush combination, everything will become easy and enjoyable.

The brushes in this series come in different shapes and can be used to effectively clean different types of surfaces. At present, we can stably produce ball, flat, edge brush, conical and other shapes of brushes, and many parameters including the length of brush filaments can be customized.

In addition, the stiffness of the brush filaments is also optional. In general, white filaments are the smallest in diameter and the softest, making them ideal for cleaning scratch-prone surfaces like leather seats without causing damage. The black filament is the stiffest by default, and can be used to remove paint, or even black solidified stains from grills. The filaments of other colors have medium stiffness and are suitable for a wider range of applications.

Bristles Of Different Color And Stiffness

Zhenda Brush Industry is a professional drill brush manufacturer with many years of rich experience. Our factory has a number of professional equipment and machines. The drill brushes produced have the advantages of thick brush wire, not easy to bend and drop, and long service life. Therefore, we are welcomed by more and more customers at home and abroad.

Welcome to contact us to get the latest quotation and consult the details of customized service and product transportation, and our business manager will get in touch with you immediately. Thank you for your trust and support!

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