Zhenda Brush Industrial Brush Series Successfully Exhibited at VIFA ASEAN 2023

Update Time:2023-09-04

As a platform for showcasing high-quality modern furniture, home decor, and handicrafts, VIFA ASEAN 2023, held from August 29 to September 1, attracted over 200 manufacturers to participate at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre (SECC). This was another international event held at SECC after the VIFA EXPO in March.

The theme of this year's exhibition was "Gathering all best Southeast Asian furniture," with a total exhibition area of over 20,000 square meters. Companies from various countries and regions will showcase their high-quality products in over 600 booths. The exhibited products mainly include wooden furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative products, handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs, wood and woodworking machinery, and other new and diverse products, which are highly attractive to visitors and exhibitors.

During the Asian International Buying Season from August to September, thousands of international buyers also came to the exhibition, hoping to explore valuable new products in this cost-effective event. Compared to participating in other exhibitions, negotiating with companies at VIFA ASEAN 2023 is not only more convenient but also cost-saving. Therefore, for many participants who value practical benefits, this is an event that cannot be missed.

To further expand the international market and gain more new customers, Zhenda Brush chose to participate as an exhibitor. The main product we exhibited this time was woodworking machinery supporting parts, which is the industrial brush series. Processing wood into exquisite furniture requires many steps, and one of the important steps is to process the surface of the raw materials. Woodworking factories need the help of industrial brushes to make the surface of the wood smooth or produce fine textures.

The Booth of Zhenda Brush at VIFA ASEAN 2023

Zhenda Brush's industrial brush series products are complete in variety and reliable in quality, and can be used for surface processing of various raw materials. We displayed numerous samples, allowing buyers to see the most authentic quality of the products. The product types include but are not limited to strip brushes, polishing brush rollers, wire brushes, twisted tube brushes, etc., and support customized product sizes. If you need a dedicated industrial brush that is compatible with your processing equipment, please feel free to communicate with us about the details of product customization. We can produce according to the technical parameters you provide.

Zhenda Brush will continue to improve its ability to manufacture industrial brushes, increase research and development investment in this field, and provide customers with high-quality products that meet their requirements through the use of internationally advanced production equipment. We hope to become good friends with all customers and help them expand their markets. If you need a one-stop solution for specific products, you can contact us by email.

Business Email: marketing@zhendabrush.com

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